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The process of designing and building a great machine begins with dedicated engineers and reliable components, and ends with consistent assembly procedures and inspection techniques. We use Milltronics machines in our shop for manufacturing as well as testing of innovative ideas. Critical surfaces where rails and bearing blocks are mounted are precision ground for flatness to ensure machine integrity. We have invested in precision inspection equipment and training to utilize it proactively to insure manufactured products meet our specifications. Every purchased part is carefully selected and all parts are thoroughly inspected. Every machine built in our facility is tested for over 20 hours. Each builder oversees their machine thru the quality control process. When a machine reaches the quality control stage, it is checked from top to bottom. Using laser ball screw compensation and ball bar testing, every machine is inspected for circularity, three axes squareness, and positioning accuracy.


Product Lines

Milling Centers

Milltronics milling machines meet today’s needs for higher speeds, tighter tolerances, rock solid reliability as well as maximum value for greater profits. However, it’s our people make the real difference through their focus on quality manufacturing and unsurpassed customer service. Using the highest quality components Milltronics’ skilled craftsmen build performance and reliability into every machine. It makes our machines comparable to those costing twice as much and able to deliver the highest return on your investment. Every Milltronics CNC machine comes from people who care about what they build, how they build it, how they support it and ultimately, the success of their customers.


General Purpose VM Series

Milltronics VM Series machines are belt-driven vertical machining centers designed for variety of machining applications at attractive prices. They are available in four different sizes and all feature the latest Milltronics 9000 Series control.


Performance IL Series

Milltronics IL Series machines are inline spindle performance vertical machining centers that are bigger, faster, stronger and have more standard features. Popular in tool, die & mold shops, aerospace and medical they are available in four different sizes and all feature the latest Milltronics 9000 Series control.


Extra Power XP Series

Milltronics XP Series machines are #50 taper verticals designed for applications that need extra cutting power such as roughing tough steels or cast iron. They are available in three different sizes and all feature the latest Milltronics 9000 Series control.


Bridge Mills BR Series

Milltronics BR Series bridge mills are fast machines in between a CNC router and a heavy-duty cast bridge mill.  With speeds of up to 1,000 ipm, BR Series are built with linear cross roller guides, 24 hp #40 taper BIG PLUS inline spindles (either 10,000 or 15,000 rpm) and massive travels.

Turning Centers

There’s a Milltronics’ turning center to satisfy from the simplest to the most demanding applications. Our slant and flatbeds feature a wide selection of lengths and spindle sizes. The ML Series 2-axis combination lathes come standard with full box ways and removable gap bed on every machine. This provides a more rigid and stable platform than V-type bed ways. What’s more, the increased surface contact provides additional dampening in heavy or interrupted cutting tasks. The SL Series slant bed turning centers also offer a one-piece true slant bed base casting. This shortens the distance from the tool tip to machine foundation for better dampening of cutting vibrations. Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, nothing competes with Milltronics turning centers.


Combo Lathes

Milltronics ML Series combo lathes offer both manual and CNC operations for tool rooms and job shops. They can be configured with many options, bore sizes and bed lengths – including live tooling and C-axis. The ML Series Combo Lathes feature the Milltronics 8200-B Series control.


Slant Bed Lathes SL Series

Milltronics SL Series Slant Bed CNC lathes are 2-axis CNC production turning centers with auto turrets. Popular with shops that do a mix of conversational and G-code, these machines feature the same control and software as our mills and machining centers. They are available in three different sizes and are equipped with the 8200-B Series control.

CNC Controls


Milltronics CNC Controls

Milltronics CNC controls blend ease of use with features and performance demanded by the most sophisticated workshops. New operators can be quickly trained and productive in little time with the Conversational programming, on screen help, intuitive menus, color graphics, prompted tool setting routines and more. A unique and powerful “Trig Help” feature eliminates the need for shop floor calculations. Sophisticated workshops will welcome networking capability, large program storage, USB port, DXF import, probing cycles and industry standard G & M code format.






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