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The next generation of oil separation technology


Contaminants such as hydraulic oil, way lube, and rust preventatives continually enter the metalworking and cleaning fluids from the machine itself or parts being processed in the application. The C-Thru® Separator from NEXJEN Technologies is a unique, patented unit designed to remove solid and liquid contamination from coolants and cleaners throughout the metalworking and pretreatment industries.


Contamination of the fluid can cause:

  • Decreased fluid life
  • Increased hazardous fluid disposal
  • Increased chemical concentrate purchases
  • Increased bacteria activity leading to odor, rancidity and degradation of fluid
  • Decreased tool life
  • Increased machine downtime
  • Increased smoke generation in machining process
  • Increased use of filters due to media blinding
  • Decreased cleaning performance leading to quality issues and rejects


C-Thru Features:

  • The C-Thru® Separator is compact and portable with
  • installation made simple by attaching directly to the machine utilizing the magnetic base provided.
  • A float connected to a pump (electric or air) draws the
  • contaminate oil from the surface of fluid. The tramp oil is sepa-rated and remains in the C-Thru® Separator where it can be drained off by opening the valve.

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