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We want you to feel comfortable with the machines that your business needs to operate. We offer onsite training for machine operations and maintenance to share our expertise and aid in the training process.


When one of your machines goes down, APT’s goal is to have it up and running as quickly as possible. Our field service vehicles are filled with over $75,000 of tools to make sure a repair is done properly and the service technician has the proper measuring devices to verify the job was done within required specifications. All of our technicians have been certified by the manufacturers we represent. A salesperson might sell the first machine, but service sells every machine after that. We strive to maintain having the absolute best service department in the industry to serve your needs.


APT has implemented automation projects in which we have developed the process from step one all the way through to putting together the complete package that met each customer’s specific needs.

APT now offers Ballbar Testing and Analysis. Knowing that our customer’s machines need to be running accurately and efficiently, we have begun offering ballbar testing to benchmark machines. When a customer calls with a problem, we will know the performance criteria that the machine had originally so we can correct the situation as quickly as possible and return the machine to service.


APT knows that our customers need to get the most out of their equipment. APT offers Comprehensive Linear Accuracy Assessment and Linear Error Compensation Correction Solutions. This service uses Lasers to help correct inaccuracies in older machines (caused by wear) bringing them back to their original calibrations.


APT provides our customers with complete shop and mobile service throughout the state of Florida. Each service van is fully stocked with a wide variety of tools, measuring devices, and electronic accessories to allow us to perform a full range of service on nearly any type of machine tool. We have added several key pieces of equipment to our service vans to help in the Care and Maintenance of our customers’ machines.


Our inside parts department makes sure you receive the parts you need, when you need them. We are experts at sourcing the right products to service your machines. See how they can make your life easier! Learn more about the parts department here.